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Our Projects


Moebelux is a company that offers all kind of furniture types and home appliances sales services. With the system we have created on their website, you can design and order which type of furniture you want according to your own preferences and taste.


Palazzo Pizzeria is a classic kebap & pizza restaurant. With the system (website) that we provided for them, they can receive their orders online with the printer in the restaurant easily. Clients can order their meals flexible and in the easiest way with the help of the website.


Wings&Waffles is a restaurant in the center of Geneva, especially focused on chicken wings and waffles, famous for their special sauces. It is a restaurant where they work especially on online orders, starting at 18h30 everyday.


BSK is a renovation company. It can provide all kinds of construction services such as castles, buildings, detached houses, etc. We provide social media and marketing support. We also made their website accordingly.


Boomerang-s is a “kebap house” in the center of Bern. This is a website that shows their products, prices and quality. We are providing social media, marketing and digital management services for them.


Canmarket is a supermarkt based in Ostermundigen/Bern. We have a complete partnership which covers POS systems-case payment systems, online order possible website, warehouse and supply chain process management software, branding(logo design, social media-marketing), security cameras etc.


Falafingo is a establishment in Bern that offers its customers the unique beauties of Turkish breakfast in the morning and in the evenings, Turkish tavern culture in the best way. In addition to the website service for this establishment, we provided services such as corporate identity work and online booking.


BSA-BAU is a concrete drilling company. A website was created to show their work, references and range of services. We also provided services on corporate identity formation.


Taxi Solingen Ateş is a taxi service based in Solingen/Germany. The company has 2 taxis and would like to present in the digital world. So we have made a simple but useful website that customers can reach them easily with call button. Also they had problems with Google Maps account which was very difficult to fix. Fortunately we fixed that problem too.